We are continuously seeking talented researchers to join the group. Candidates should have a strong interest in theoretical and/or computational solid mechanics.  Candidates should also have good analytical and programming skills.

If you are interested in joining our group to conduct research at undergraduate (for example for an internship) or postgraduate level, please send an email with attached CV to

Information on postgraduate study at Monash University.
Information on how to apply for scholarship at Monash University.


  • Constitutive modelling of hybrid hydrogels combining chemical and physical crosslinks.
  • Mesoscale modelling of hydrogels based on a Discrete Network model.
  • FE Simulation of the mechanical behaviour of graphene foams.
  • Micromechanical modelling of fast water permeation in nanoporous ultrafiltration membranes with tunable microstructure.

Open positions

PhD positions are available upon successful application to the Monash postgraduate scholarship scheme. Please refer to the links above for more details about the requirements and deadlines.